Prove It

Kool A.D. official Animated music video (june 2016).

Excerpt from the album O.K.

Official release : june 1st, 2016 (with an exclusive Pitchfork broadcast)

"A trippy, surreal clip" - Pitchfork

"Could be the wildest animated video of the year" - The Fader

"A fascinating animated video" - 2DopeBoys

"Unusual but cool." - AdultSwim

"A perfect accompaniment to a highlight of Kool A.D.’s music, combining surrealist wit with evocative emotion" - The Observer

Making-of / interview with It’s On Craft.

Longue Nuit Productions


Watch Kool A.D.’s PROVE IT animated music video aired on Cartoon Network / AdultSwim show Toonami : PreFlight, and introduced by Mr. Jason DeMarco himself!! Also note the RTJ tee. (34th minute)

PROVE IT has been awarded ’Best Music Short’ in London, where it was nominated twice.

PROVE IT has also received an ’Award of Recognition’ at the Accolade film festival in San Diego, California.

PROVE IT was furthermore awarded ’Best Music Video’ by New York Film Week festival in june 2017.

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