30 March 2022

Dreamed that in the year 2400, the water shortage was galactic : a space colony, stranded on Mars aboard a metal shuttle in the shape of an elongated egg with 2,000 dehydrated people on board, was trapped in a tangle of algae and vines on the surface of the drying toxic ocean, and was struggling to get out. If this last attempt to take off failed, they would have to sort out who was going to drink and who was not.

Meanwhile, under the surface of the ocean, a gigantic factory ship from Alaska, destined for the exploitation of the ocean floor, too heavy to exfiltrate from this planet, was grinding and cutting up gigantic hybrid creatures, half polar bear half sperm whale.

The underground ecofeminist group to which I belonged was documenting, on board an underwater escape pod, the massacre of the behemoths - which were being torn apart by enormous toothed cylinders located under the belly of the factory ship. Dark red galaxies exploded above us, and we could almost hear the creatures screaming.

Escaping from the powerful whirlpools of the unpredictable current, at the risk of becoming entangled in the vines, with a squad of giant moray eels prowling close to the hull with a furious eye, was a tad scary.


Also in 2400, chimpanzees were not only taught to speak, read and write, but they were used as artificial intelligences: they were given basic data on which they had to give their stammering feelings, like a panel of consumers or oracles of doubtful reliability.

And it was kids who were given the task of testing the monkeys, in a mix between E.T., Stranger Things, Tron and Minority Report, under the supervision of unscrupulous adults in white coats. The scientific guarantee, and the undeniable technological leap, were established as always on the basis of a repressed crime.

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