12 June 2020
Comme un infriste

Spring / fall 1993 : I was 19 years old. A huge period of discovery for me in many fields, spent, when I didn’t draw comic books (handmade, single copy objects), making connections between anything that came at hand, be it books, movies, music, landscapes, history of art, press articles, atmospheres, etc — establishing lineages, sketching constellations, riding upstream amidst archipelagoes. I questioned a lot, and imagined even more, a tendancy later reversed when finding out about Guy Debord. One of the most striking moments of that exploratory period however turned out to be C’était un lundi après-midi semblable aux autres by Diabologum : a total UFO, loved at first listen, which questioned me more than anything else and still remains one of my most favorite records ever.

Michel Cloup has just exhumed the unreleased music video for "Comme un Infriste" :

"Comme un infriste", to me, is a French equivalent of Beat Happening’s "Bad Seeds", yet ten times better. And I still keep Dali’s introductory statement with me to this day.

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