One among an unrestricted set of signatures, Ronald endorses a collection of waggish comics set in an imaginary, pseudo-feudal realm : "Estebald’s Adventures".

The long-length saga ILS ONT DES NOUVEAUX POUVOIRS, Volume 1 (THEY HAVE SOME NEW POWERS, ed. Misma 2006) hinges the whole epic, started in 1994 with RAISON D’ÉTAT (REASON OF STATE, ed. Misma 2005).

Main releases :
- RAISON D’ÉTAT (REASON OF STATE) (ed. Le Simo 1995, ed. Misma 2005)
- ILS ONT DES NOUVEAUX POUVOIRS, Vol. 1 (THEY HAVE SOME NEW POWERS) (ed. Misma 2006, reissued in 2011)
- ILS ONT DES NOUVEAUX POUVOIRS, Volume 2 (ed. Misma 2012)
- FRONTIÈRE #1 à 8 (BORDER) (self-published, 2010-2014)

Numerous other stories have been released in several comics anthologies and zines, such as LA JEUNESSE D’ESTEBALD (ESTEBALD’S YOUTH) and COMMENT DRESSER UN CHEVAL (HOW TO BREAK A HORSE), etc.

Others are available online.

Note : those of the above comic books published by MISMA Editions come with animated teasers — and a series of pencil drawings, AU GALOP (GALOPING), completes the overview.