Main comic book signatures and heteronyms :


One among an unrestricted set of signatures, Ronald endorses a collection of waggish comics set in an imaginary, pseudo-feudal realm : "Estebald’s Adventures".

The long-length saga ILS ONT DES NOUVEAUX POUVOIRS, Volume 1 (THEY HAVE SOME NEW POWERS, ed. Misma 2006) hinges the whole epic, started in 1994 with RAISON D’ÉTAT (REASON OF STATE, ed. Misma 2005).

Main releases :
- RAISON D’ÉTAT (REASON OF STATE) (ed. Le Simo 1995, ed. Misma 2005)
- ILS ONT DES NOUVEAUX POUVOIRS, Vol. 1 (THEY HAVE SOME NEW POWERS) (ed. Misma 2006, reissued in 2011)
- ILS ONT DES NOUVEAUX POUVOIRS, Volume 2 (ed. Misma 2012)
- FRONTIÈRE #1 à 8 (BORDER) (self-published, 2010-2014)

Numerous other stories have been released in several comics anthologies and zines, such as LA JEUNESSE D’ESTEBALD (ESTEBALD’S YOUTH) and COMMENT DRESSER UN CHEVAL (HOW TO BREAK A HORSE), etc.

Others are available online.

Note : those of the above comic books published by MISMA Editions come with animated teasers — and a series of pencil drawings, AU GALOP (GALOPING), completes the overview.


Both a fictional author and the implicit protagonist of mostly mute, urban strips, P.E.E.P.S made a first appearance in the weekly fanzine Chez Jérôme Comix (2003), before featuring various comics anthologies : Le Journal de Judith & Marinette, 40.075km, Lapin, Grandpapier, Récits, Tetaris, Appendix, etc.

P.E.E.P.S’s comics have since extended to animation films, mostly music videos, available here.

An illustration blog, LA MÉMOIRE EN MIETTES (MEMORY CRUMBS), enhances the whole chronicle with hallucinated flashes.


Franky Bartol, aka François Bartolino, has brought out three issues of BIJOU MAGAZINE, and has taken part to Chez Jérôme Comix as well as to the collective illustration blog The Lonely Freaks.

He is currently active at Misma editions.